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Tournament Rules & Information


Tournament Director: Carmella Arnold 


  Scores should be reported by each team via text to Carmella Arnold 315-256-8344 or if onsite report to Manager on Duty.

We look forward to welcoming your team at a Salt City Sports Tournament. Our goal is to create a truly memorable experience for your team. Please read this entire block of information as we have compiled a list of important reminders to assist in your preparation for your event.


  • Bring your printed roster the day of the tournament to the admissions tent (Name, DOB and Jersey # must be entered for each player) PLEASE VISIT OUR HOME PAGE for our Softball\Baseball Age calculator to determine if all players are eligible to play the team age you register for. (Located at bottom of home page) NO TEAM will be refunded if or allowed to play in tournament if found a player is out of the age range older. Younger players can play up older players can't play down.

    • Age division 

    • Team insurance is due 30 days prior to event and emailed roster 2 weeks prior. (Roster can change up to the day of event just edit hand in roster) please email to make sure to list team name and tournament date in subject line.

    • Salt City Sports LLC requires that teams provide Insurance and add Salt City Sports LLC as an additional insured prior to participating in a tournament.


  • Schedule will be posted 3-5 days prior to the tournament on our website 

  • NO TOBACCO of any kind is allowed at any Salt City Sports Tournaments or Events.


  • Admission for all  Carrier Park Tournaments, DeLutis Field Tournaments and Hopkins Road Park Tournaments will be $5 a day per person. 

    • Children 12 under, military, as well as Senior Citizens are FREE. 

  • Concessions will be located at main sites and are open 30 minutes prior to the 1st game and close after the start of the last scheduled game.

  • Concessions at satellite fields are not guaranteed.

  • All fields are off-limits except for scheduled games.

  • Foul balls need to be returned to the playing field by Team that is batting.

  • Parents are allowed to bring portable chairs and pop-up tents with them to the complexes.

  • Pets are permitted at all Salt City Sports Facilities, please pick up after your pet to ensure the welcome. 

  • Teams are expected to remove ALL trash from the dugout after each game.

  • No seeds or gum will be permitted at Carrier Park in dugouts or on the fields. (There is a zero tolerance policy for seeds at turf facilities, teams will be charged a $250 cleaning fee if in violation of this rule)

  • Please remind your parents, players, and fans to pick up all of their trash around the field after each game.

  • Pre game warm-up / play catch in the outfield only (not on the foul territory near your bench).

  • Pitchers may warm-up on the side away from dugout, warning track or in the bullpens before and during the game.

  • Fungos allowed on outfield game fields.

  • Do not hit/throw any balls into the fencing or walls.

  • One day tournaments rules/times may change to accommodate the goal of the tournament for teams to play guaranteed number of games in 1 day at a safe and fun level.

  • NO METAL SPIKES for Pitchers at Hopkins Road Park as we use Portable mounds on fields 5 & 6

  • All Tournaments starting Sept 1st roll over to next year's age level (Fall Tournaments start new year)

Revised 06/19/2023

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